Are you looking for a job but don't have a car to get there?

Is your city growing in some areas but you live in another?

Does it seem like you need a job to get a car, and a car to get a job?

SideWall is the answer

We took something very simple, ride sharing and job boards and combined them into an innovative solution that solved all those problems.

SideWall can connect people already in a community who need jobs and can't afford cars/transit with other members of that community who can rideshare on their way to jobs at similar locations. More people get jobs because more people can commute to the areas that are experiencing economic growth regardless of where they originally live in that city. People find jobs on our job board and can see registered routes that match the start and end locations from your commute. Some job listing might even promote themselves by offering SideWall credits to subsidize rideshares so they can get more qualified applicants. You can also use SideWall on the go to see registered commuters nearby who you can reach out to ride share with.

What's Next

Currently we only have the demo online but we are almost finished with the app we are set to launch in the coming weeks. Several team mates left the project but I already finished so much of it that I wanted to share it with you in hopes you'd understand I'm doing my best to finish the project and make SideWall a reality.

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