Our idea is one that will revolutionize the modern sports fan experience across all sports. Sideline showdown, it’s a mobile app. Imagine fantasy sports meets real-time trivia with free prizes and discounts. Before we go on lets answer a very important question, why do people watch sports? Well, They thrive on competition, if half of the people watching could be out there playing they would, so lets give them something to play that will get them intimately invested in the game, entice them to stay the whole duration and keep them coming back for more. So how does it work? Imagine watching UofO playing Oregon State, you open up Sideline showdown and a question pops up, “Will UofO convert this 3rd down play for a first down?” YES/NO? If you get the question right you earn points. Special questions will get you discounts at the concession stands. Note: you have to be within the radius of the stadium to participate. On the jumbotron theres a leader board for sideline showdown showing the top scores for the day. At the end of the day, Top 3 get a prize, and points accumulate over the season, at the end of the season, top 10 get special prizes and top 3 get to have dinner with the team. What does this accomplish?

  1. According to research, +50% of people would rather watch from home. SidelineShowdown brings people to the games, keeps them there for the entire game, and keeps them coming back.
  2. Audience feels invested in the game and are more likely to stay and feel included in another dimension of the
  3. Professional sports organizations are targeting the youth through social media, we don’t think that’s the right approach, we believe the solution is to give the youth something to post on their social media sites, fostering friendly competition between friends they can compete among one another by forming groups, this way the crowd is used to do the advertising, which will reach many more people than personalized social media sites.
  4. Sideline showdown also levels the playing field such that no one feels disadvantaged. For example when prizes are thrown into the audience, people with more expensive seats are usually winning those prizes. Sideline showdown gives everyone a fair chance.

We have a working prototype which can be tested on a demo board and for the future we hope to have a full functioning app. Our end goal is to take the design and pitch it to professional sports teams and enhance the modern fan experience.

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