Going to the gym and leading an active lifestyle can be tough, but we are here to build the foundation to meet your fitness goals. We were inspired to build this app because we know how dependability can help us get a little closer to achieving that milestone that has seemed impossible, time and time again.

What it does

'Sidekick' recommends people nearby who have the same fitness goals as you by using the Google Location API. You can favorite people that pop up onto your feed, and if there is a mutual fit then you both will get matched. After you have been matched, you can message each other to either work out with them occasionally, one-time, or even enter a long-term fitness journey with them. It is totally up to you!

How we built it

We built it using Android Studio, the Google Location API, and Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to implement a PubNub API, but even though we got close - we were not able to integrate it effectively into our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of our clean UI, implementing an API, and getting a prototype out for demo.

What we learned

2/3 of the team members were first-time hackers, both of whom are the Android developers of the app. The whole group learned how to take the user into account when building an app, how to de-bug code, and how to put forth a product worth demoing.

What's next for Sidekick

'Sidekick' would like to implement that PubNub API we almost got to work, as well as give users the ability to select multiple categories to match with different types of people with different goals (i.e. picking both bodybuilding and weight-loss because you are interested in doing both).

We would also love to integrate our app with a smartwatch so users can turn on their location on and find potential gym buddies in seconds. Moreover, we think it would be great to incorporate health stats in the app that have been obtained from the FitBit so potential users can see the dedication a user is already putting towards their fitness goals.

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