We were looking into what incentives attract students to events, and the more research we did, the more we knew that students are facing with an issue regarding time management and free food or fun activities don't bother them much. So, we came up with SideKick, an intuitive scheduler.

What it does

SideKick is an App that automatically generates a study schedule using a Canvas LMS integration and a prioritization formula. The schedule is also designed around a student's studying preferences and other extra-curricular activities. Using a redeemable point system, it incentivizes students to follow the schedule.

How I built it

We began making it this weekend using React Native, Javascript and node.js. We used Expo to test the app while building. We used Figma to create our prototype.

Challenges I ran into

Being entirely new to the react native development framework and Javascript, the learning curve was steep. We were happy to be able to create a test app, which works as a to-do list to complete tasks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how far we have come with little understanding of javascript and mobile app development in general.

What I learned

We learned how hard it is to learn a new language overnight and how much info is available online to continue working on an idea.

What's next for SideKick

We are planning on expanding the team to do further development for the next couple of months. We are competing at NVC 11 and Catalyze CU.

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