To create a service that focuses on building communities around people who are looking for small side jobs or need some one to do a job for them. Not intended for professional jobs. Simply look up jobs in your general location. Not intended to sell goods.

What it does

  • Build online portfolios of how well you can do side jobs. eg Mow the lawn, Tutoring
  • Intended to build a trustworthy site where people can be confident in finding a job quickly and that it is reliable
  • Mostly targeted for college students to help them make a living by making some extra money.

How I built it

  • Built using the React library with Firebase as the backend database.

Challenges I ran into

  • I am the only person who developed this and I am fairly new to React.
  • Currently in a summer internship so I am pretty busy and had limited time.
  • Building the React architecture is tricky at first. Setting up authentication workflows are tough

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Eventually managed to setup a decent architecture that was flexible.
  • Able to make decent progress while being the sole developer.

What I learned

  • Valuable experience in React and Redux.
  • More experience in functional programming
  • Improved css/layout skills.
  • Better at javascript

What's next for Side Gig

  • Try and develop it further in my free time.
  • Add more routes and improve the design. Ran out of time to fully flesh out a good looking UI or functionality.

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