I have made this website for showcasing my Hacakthon Journey so far, right from my 1st Year of college, I have been much involved in different hackathons.

What it does

It displays my Hackathon Journey, Talks I have given, my appearances, some of my memories and my socials.

How I built it

I built it using standard languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I used VScode editor, Linux terminal for pushing and updating the code on GitHub, used GitHub Student Developer Pack for getting .live domain for the site and lastly hosted it using GitHub-pages

Challenges I ran into

I got confused initially between domain and .live domain and had some issues while hosting it but eventually I was able to resolve the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since long I was thinking to showcase my journey and highlight what I do and gather all the sources at a single platform, but wasn't able to, but now it is all perfect and fine!

What I learned

How to arrange different set of data on a website, trying out different CSS and playing around with links.

What's next for Siddharth-Hacks.Live

I will keep it updated with all of my coming journey and achievements.

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