During the winter holidays, I was trying to look for cheap stuff to buy. I was tired of going through every single site.

What it does

It allows you to see which website is currently offering the best discounts

How we built it

We scraped websites. Process the info. Display it in Django

Challenges we ran into

Javascript remains a mystery to us. This language should have been aborted. We also had a problem with dynamic websites and the structures of different websites. Nevertheless, many hacks allowed us to overcome this problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually managed to get Sickk Dealzzz. Our website actually looks decent.

What we learned

Web-scraping is hard.

What's next for Sickk Dealz

If we aren't mentally broken yet, we'd like to scrape more websites. If possible we would like to bring more price comparison mechanisms onto our platform

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