We were inspired by Sickick to build something that allowed users to face their fears.

What it does

A free to play web game that allows users to mint their very own FEAR tokens.

How I built it

Our team built this using the QTUM blockchain, JavaScript, React, Three.js, and a lot of soda.

Challenges I ran into

We weren't too familiar with blockchain before hand but we learnt a lot through the process. Campbell, our main blockchain man taught us a lot that weekend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We won 2nd place! It was the first real hackathon for several of us and we were able to accomplish so much!

What I learned

Trust in your teammates, they are sure to deliver.

What's next for

We want to make this game mobile friendly, as well as maybe build out different games for different famous icons.

Built With

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