Five years ago I developed a mechanical amplifier that allows us today to wake up in the morning self-test our body and detect distress by a method of muscle strength testing - now there is an opportunity to use these capabilities to identify patients and distress

What it does

When the human body is in distress we detect a decrease in muscle strength and report in real time - muscle self-testing based on kinesiology techniques and much more accurate than a heat test or blood test - the subconscious we cannot be forged and it give us immediate response

How I built it

The goal is to create a completely mechanical facility that anyone can build at home with no need of software or hardware that one cannot find at home

Challenges I ran into

Self-test need trust - we can make the best test but for self-testing we need trust between people Requires extensive awareness and testing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

System works fine we will be happy to demonstrate and to run to test in the hospital and for recovery persons

What I learned

This tool can be a game changer Daily check out is the best solution for this type of illness and probably for any kind of illness as the first alert

What's next for Sick or healthy - immediate response

We need to make a test in hospitals to check the tool on real humans that recover

Built With

  • energy
  • holistic-medicine
  • kinesiology
  • muscle-testing
  • subconscious
  • test-corona
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