[ sic ] - sharing is caring. Über has created the automobile ride sharing economy, empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs -- and the company is valued in the tens of billions. Airbnb has help usher in the room/home sharing economy, empowering home owners and renters to capitalize on their real estate -- and that company is valued in the hundreds of billions. The sharing economy, as we've dubbed it, is extremely lucrative; however, much of the revenues are flowing to the service providers -- the middlemen -- the Übers, the Sidecars, the Airbnbs.

[ sic ] is a true sharing economy network, that empowers individuals to share with other individuals. The currency isn't measured in dollars. Instead, with [ sic ], the currency is karma. Karma is earned and spent by sharing our passive day-to-day valuable assets:

  • Our airline elite status
  • Our memberships to gyms, lounges and other exclusive access services
  • Our subscriptions to online services

[ sic ] empowers individuals to share their status, memberships and subscriptions with friends and family, without having to share credentials or other sensitive information. [ sic ] members can populate their user profiles with their assets, and other [ sic ] members can request to have access to those assets.

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