Inspiration on Azure exist in part of Microsoft. Resource of globalization creates anything for people around the world. This project can assist Azure to being management on development; Progress to be more.

What it does manages its upgrade developments, it imply in face classification. It can create in checking on the face, it report on feeling, gender: gender identify and gender expression, and investigation. I confine in Azure to being upgrade.

How we built it write the new coding by python programmer. Corporate with any nodes construct the blockchain around the world.

Challenges we ran into perfect attitude support in the project to affect in product reality. The professional in expertise programmer co-work with together. They all occur in joint venture.

Accomplishments that we're proud of upgrade the coding with best of potential whether reality of innovation can assist in any behaviors.

What we learned on Opencv of python program can process on face detection, and so on. A lot of programmer can crate in this project. It exists reality by any options.

What's next for Siam of AI Product List supports in progress of Azure that creative successes in modern upgrade on Face detection, it can classify in investigation on the body.

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Face Detection can develop in upgrade for investigation to being everything. Especially; the healthy in factor of life can detect for reporting in anytime, and anywhere. It creates in python program.

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