• Team Name: Tripin
  • Project Name: SIACrew
  • Business Challenge: Cabin Crew Digital Recruitment
  • Result: Shortlisted as top 12 teams at the SIA AppChallenge 2017

Project Description

SIACrew is an AI-powered digital recruitment app that makes recruitment process easy and engaging through gamification.


For candidates, they will be tested on the following:

  • Scenario Challenge - a video will be shown followed by a prompt for response to test quick thinking under pressure
  • Cabin Announcement - a sample paragraph will be shown followed by a prompt to read aloud to test articulation

For interviewers, they will be able to:

  • Review candidate results after speech recognition and personality analysis are processed

Current Problems

For interviewers, the current HR process entails an application, walk-in interviews and 3 further rounds of interviews locally and overseas. This process is tedious to find suitable applications as it costs 368 hours and $16,000 each month, apart from productivity loss and fatigue. The quality of candidates are also uncertain before the interviewers meet them. In addition, existing third party applications do not make the recruitment process more robust and more targeted.

For candidates, their applications for cabin crew positions are no different from applying for other positions, in terms of the multi-step recruitment process. The interviews are seen to be formal and uninspiring for the joy of a cabin crew life.


We aim to make the interview process fun and engaging for candidates, but also efficient and cost-effective for the interviewers. Using practical cases we see in airplane, the app will test their service quality on 2 key areas: how well they perform in unexpected scenarios, and how well they carry themselves through articulation. This aspect itself is gamified for millenials, who are the potential cabin crew candidates. Thereafter, by applying AI filters to determine the right candidates, the HR personnel can potentially shave dollars and hours by ten times. For interviewers, this application will be the key solution for all HR-related matters.

Unique Positioning

With this application, SIA will be the world's first airline to use a game to empower a seamless digital recruitment process.

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