We are a team of goofy engineers and we love making people laugh. As Western students (and a stray Waterloo engineer), we believe it's important to have a good time. We wanted to make this game to give people a reason to make funny faces more often.

What it does

We use OpenCV to analyze webcam input and initiate signals using winks and blinks. These signals control a game that we coded using PyGame. See it in action here:

How to get set up

  • Python 2.7
  • A webcam
  • OpenCV
  1. Clone this repository on Github
  2. Open command line
  3. Navigate to working directory
  4. Run python

How to play

You are playing as Mr. Poopybutthole who is trying to tame some wild GMO pineapples. Dodge the island fruit and get the heck out of there!

  • Wink left to move left
  • Wink right to move right
  • Blink to jump

It's time to get SssSSsssSSSssshwinky!!!

How we built it

Used haar cascades to detect faces and eyes. When users' eyes disappear, we can detect a wink or blink and use this to control Mr. Poopybutthole movements.

Challenges we ran into

  • This was the first game any of us have ever built, and it was our first time using Pygame! Inveitably, we ran into some pretty hilarious mistakes which you can see in the gallery.
  • Merging the different pieces of code was by-far the biggest challenge. Perhaps merging shorter segments more frequently could have alleviated this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We had a "pineapple breakthrough" where we realized how much more fun we could make our game by including this fun fruit.

What we learned

  • It takes a lot of thought, time and patience to make a game look half decent. We have a lot more respect for game developers now.

What's next for ShwinkySwhink

We want to get better at recognizing movements. It would be cool to expand our game to be a stand-up dance game! We are also looking forward to making more hacky hackeronis to hack some smiles in the future.

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