Back story

Companies like Uber, SideCar and Lyft have disrupted the transportation industry. One of the primary reasons for this disruption are mobile apps provided by these companies that gives customers the ability to control the whole process through their smartphone. These apps allow customers to request a pickup, track their driver and pay. It's easy, convenient and a game changer. For all the success these companies have experienced they still represent a small percent of the global ground transportation industry. However, one thing that is certain, consumers will eventually demand all transportation services to provide the same type of technology and experience. In other words an evolution from "nice to have" to "must have" is occuring. This of course has created a technical divide for legacy transportation companies that are in desperate need of a solution.

Arrive is positioned to fill this need by providing a platform for the entire transportation industry. Any company that carries passengers can participate in our network. By bringing together all the various transportation companies in a city, we can also offer an aggregation feature similar to what Priceline did with Hotels and Airlines.


For the traveling public: Arrive provides a way for individuals to research various transportation options, request and purchase transportation and then track their ride in real time. All through a single app.

For legacy transportation companies: Arrive provides a way for any transportation company to close the technology gap by providing a complete solution which includes: a passenger app, a driver app, and a dispatch command and control dashboard. As part of the Arrive network they will also have another channel to drive revenue.

For airport operators: provides a valuable service by providing arrival information on any transportation provide in the Arrive network through our API. Arrive also allows passengers to stay in the terminal longer by giving them accurate information about the ETA of their transportaion. This translates in to more opportunities to drive revenue. Additionally, by connecting transporters and passengers, pedestrians and vehicles aren't piling up at choke points thereby reducing traffic congestion and providing a better overall experience from gate to final destination for their customers.

How It Works

1) Through our passenger app(Android and iOS), travelers select their destination (or download their itinerary through integration with Concur) and the app provides a number of options. Depending on their destination, these options can include public transportation, hotel shuttles, ride share vans, charter vans, para transit, private cars and limos,and ride sharing services. 2) Many travelers will already have prearranged transportation so they can select their service and bypass the options.

3) Once they select a transportation option, they can book a ticket from the provider and request a pickup.

4) They can then track their ride in real time and receive updated ETA information so they know when their ride will arrive.

5) While they are waiting they can peruse local information including shopping and dining at the airport, and local attractions and events through integration with companies such as XOLA.

6) Finally, once they are ready to meet the vehicle, they can use our wayfinding feature to find out exactly how to get to their final destination.

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