We wanted GIMP, the most popular free open-source image manipulation program to access Shutterstock's massive digital library.

What it does

The plugin allows users to import images via the Shutterstock API. They can search for a description of said image and look for visually similar images.

How we built it

Using python3, Tkinter and gimpfu.

Challenges we ran into

Gimpfu and scriptfu were extremely painful to deal with. We had to hack things around, a perfect option for a hackathon. Tkinter did not possess the features we expected from a GUI library. The documentation could have been improved and more comprehensive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a minimal viable product working which can be expanded into a useful usable product that Shutterstock can benefit from! Some members succeeded in their first hackathon and we are proud about this! We also managed to create our first GIMP plugin!

What we learned

We learned how to use Tkinter and how to create GIMP Plugins

What's next for Shutterstock GIMP Integration Plugin

Ensure that the user can authenticate with their own credentials and license pictures. Display more information on the pictures, allow different categories and searching options.

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