Credit cards, are admittedly pretty easy and convenient to use. They're actually quite old though, over 50 years already. With the advent of NFC and online shopping, it seems that credit cards are slated to be around for at least another few decades,

But could we do better? Definitely. In the process, let's enlist the help of a billion dollar company who's desperate for revenue. Yeah, I'm talking Instagram. How can a photosharing social networking site help revolutionize payment processing you may ask?

What would you imagine, as the fastest way of buying something, if humans suddenly overcame all their scientific hurdles with the exception of the most fundamental laws of Physics? Just looking or imagining something and then having it bought telepathically, right? Well, we know the fastest thing in the universe is the speed of light...

So if only we could transmit this purchase information at the speed of light. Something as quick as... a camera's shutter...

ENTER, SHUTTERBUY. Shutterbuy, is quite literally a purchase made at the shutter of a camera, and it's dead simple to use.

  1. You find something you want to buy, and you snap a picture with your smartphone.
  2. You're prompted to tag the company you want to purchase from and you hashtag the product you want to buy.
  3. Upload the picture to Instagram and receive a discount on your purchase for doing so.

And then you're done, the product will be delivered directly to your home address (alas, if only there was a shutterdelivery...)

Everyone benefits from Shutterbuy. Everyone, with the exception of traditional advertising, (who is usually the culprit of mark up prices anyway). Just check it out:

-You get an extremely convenient way to buy stuff AND a discount on your purchase.

-The retailer gets cheap organic advertising. Their only costs are the discounts they make. Despite this, they get the best type of advertising, you advertising directly to your friends and family. (P/E Ratio $$$)

-Instagram finds a way to monetize that isn't incredibly boring and annoying.

And if that's not enough, you get a good excuse to Instagram all the expensive stuff you buy. You don't ever have to be a social network jerk again!

If that too is not cool enough, Shutterbuy also run on the world's fastest servers on Windows Azure. Developed in C# for the Windows stack, with the help of Xamarin, it can easily be ported to other platforms. It also relies on SendGrid to send the world's fastest e-mail.

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