Many people have rich experience in Facebook, Instagram and other social medias that people can share pictures. However, they focus more on socialization, rather than amateur photographing itself. On the other hand, there are also some amateur photographing websites, such as the National Geographic, while these websites act more like a magazine that they cannot enable users to communicate and socialize.

In this case, we began to think "why not develop an integrated website for this certain group of people, acting as a community in which users could share pictures, make discussions and communications, build relationships and hold events together.

As international students in Tasmania, it is truly a pity that we haven't witnessed the spectacular view of aurora, even there are some websites and apps sharing the information about when and where we may see it. This is mainly because these websites are built for a single purpose that we will not browse it regularly.

But what if there is a website that can not only notify people the location, time of their interested views nearby, but also allow them to take part in some group activities held by people with similar interests, people will certainly join in this community.

What it does

Shutterbug Community is a website designed for amateur photographers to enable them to share high quality pictures, communicate with others, exchange ideas and find relevant equipment easier. Additionally, this integrated website also allows premium users to hold group activities that other members could join in. Besides, there will be regular official photographic competitions for amateur photography lovers.

How we built it

In the first phase of the project, we designed the strategy, role, targeted customers and scope of use of our website. Next we developed both low-fi and high-fi prototypes of our design. After that we developed the real website based on HTML5, PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Initial challenges include reasonably identifying the role of this website and narrowing down its targeted customers. Afterwards, to make a proper design and achieve the functions of it is another big challenge.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have talents from different fields in our team, and this is why we can finish the majority of our works including programming in one day. Then we fully used the rest of time to enjoy networking and gourmet.

What we learned

Technological innovation refers to not only technical breakthroughs but also the creative application of existing technology. We worked together thinking about how to combine currently available techniques together to deliver a solution to real life problems. We learnt that the clear assignment of tasks and trust of each other's works are key determinants of a group project.

What's next for Shutterbug Community

  1. Improvement of the website based on both black-box and white-box user tests.
  2. Complete the whole development.
  3. Advertise it on social medias and find intentional partners.
  4. Shutterbug Community will focus on increasing revenues and reducing advertisements to improve customer experience. This will require our team to provide more functionalities. With more users getting involved, we will optimise database design to make the system run faster. We will also consider extending our current web service to mobile application if there is a promising market need.
  5. Develop Android and IOS app versions to support mobile users.
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