My husband recently got a camera and wanted an easier way to calculate shutter speed.

What it does:

Calculates shutter speed based on user-inputted aperture and focal length values.

How I built it:

HTML and JavaScript, with a sprinkle of CSS.

Challenges we ran into:

Scope of variables!! Spent a good bit of time with MDN Web Docs when things didn't work how I expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Exploring JavaScript further, using new technices like prompts and figuring out how to use documentation to troubleshoot problems I'm having. Deployed my code to GitHub Pages.

What we learned:

Developer tools on Firefox can be super useful - for instance if a variable isn't defined, it can tell you where and give you a hint to the problem. Be careful using var in JavaScript. MDN Web Docs is a valuable resource.

What's next for Shutter Speed Calculator:

I am not a photographer so I would need to verify that the information I am giving the user is accurate/helpful. It would be nice to give the user a better interface from an aesthetic point of view, and have a different workflow other than pushing buttons, so I would probably work on that first.

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