This is my interpretation of a game called SHUT THE BOX. If you've never heard of it before head on over to Wikipedia for more information info I have decided to show my process of creation from the beginning to the end of the process

To play the game click here: PLAY SHUT THE BOX

Version 1 - Basic

This is simple HTML, CSS, and JS. This iteration was simply to get the game up and running, basically the tinker stage. The Javascript is a series of event listeners that create an interactive UI. I thought about using Alerts for communication, but decided against that (mostly a design choice) and went with

s that display different messages to the user. My Thoughts: overall fun first iteration, needs to be refactored and should be modularized.

Version 2 - Module

Refactored to be a Module/Plugin that you can include into your code to add the game on any page, simply:

Add the stylesheet to your head

Include the div anchor where you want it to show up on your page

Add the module after your jQuery lib (yes this does have a dependency on jQuery)

My Thoughts: Easier to read and understand the code, better use of single responsiblity functions, and Mobile Responsive.

Version 3 - React (coming soon)

This version will be built using react components, and setState to control the state of the game.

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