Noise complaints are the #1 category of 311 complaints in New York City. We all know the experience of dealing with a noisy neighbor, and how disempowering and frustrating it can feel to make a report and be left hanging. So we decided to make an app that 1) simplifies the process of filing a 311 complaint, 2) enables real-time chat between neighbors in the same zipcode so they can discuss together and enable community action to tackle noise, and 3) sends reminder postcards to noisy neighbors to turn it down once in a while.

What it does

1) a simplified workflow for automatically filing a 311 complaint-- submit one form + other forms are pre-filled for you 2) shows you data based on NYC open data so you can see how many noise complaints have been filed in your building/in your zipcode in the past 7 years 3) uses PubNub blocks to enable real-time chat between neighbors (cleaned of profanity!) 4) uses Stripe + Lob to send postcards to neighbors 5) Collects resources for dealing with stress/ noise in the city

How we built it

  • boilerplate that we ended up redoing
  • see tools in tags (sorry; running out of time! thanks so much for your patience + consideration :))

Challenges we ran into

  • tried to build w/ Relay at first and really failed; had to cut out half of app + redo with Mongo
  • tried to do large data analytics; scope was too large with the data set - we had underestimated the time it takes to go through a large geodata set

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learned some Relay!
  • Made a really impressive MVP (we all started coding at 6pm Saturday)

What we learned

  • SO MUCH!
  • power of pizza

What's next for

  • data heatmaps via ESRI API
  • Styling...
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