We made this "Shuriken rhythm machine" so that we can use Blocks happily together.

What do does

Throw a shuriken → Sound is added to rhythm It is a shuriken rhythm machine that throws shuriken and produces cool music.

How I built it

We used MAX 7 to make this service so that you can relate shuriken among the three Blocks.

Challenges I ran into

Only one Blocks could be connected to one MAX7 at the same time. In order to solve it, I started up multiple MAX 7 and realized it.

# Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to collaborate with Japanese popular ninja worldwide.

What I learned

I realized that simple surprises are the most effective for moving people's mind.

What's next for Shuriken rhythm machine

I would like to connect AI to Blocks, make it interactive, I want to be able to brush up even when I make music alone.

Built With

  • max7
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