Workout and music have gone together and yet there aren't a lot of apps that tune music to cater to the intensity of the person working out.

How it works

It is an Andriod application that works with a moto 360 smartwatch to monitor your heart rate and adjust the playlist accordingly. A mellow heart rate will play a soothing number while a high intensity workout will play a peppy number on your android device.

Challenges We ran into

Integrating the smartphone with our android device demanded a lot of workarounds. Another challenge was to find comprehensive and reliable APIs that provide media files. Building the application from scratch within 24 hrs demands intense research of the documentation.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We have been able to bring an innovative idea into fruition by integrating existing resources to benefit many people in their daily lives, an innovation capable of having business potential as well.

What We learned

Coding to bring new ideas together and implement them to our satisfaction and make people's lives better is the most exciting part of a perfect hackathon.

What's next for ShuffleStack

Integrate the application with a large database of songs providing RESTful web services to offer a larger collection of songs and improve the product and make it marketable for public use so that working out actually becomes fun for us all.

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