Inspiration - Tired of using reminder apps where you set reminders only for yourselves. This app called Shuffle lets you set reminders for other people. Because of the spam generated by a variety of social network frameworks like whatsapp, hike, facebook etc. we often tend to miss out on important notifications or messages from important people. To avoid this just include a hashtag (#) in your message and Shuffle will do the rest for you.

How it works - A person who may or may not have the application installed may send a message through whatsapp, hike, facebook, or any message / mailing framework. A person who receives these messages with Shuffle installed, will have his notifications read by the app and Shuffle then categorizes the important mails / messages for you. The app then looks for a keyword (hashtag) and then lets the user set the reminder for himself.

Challenges I ran into - Quite difficult to read and extract the information from messages stacked together in social network apps, very difficult to intercept messages from various social network frameworks (whatsapp, hike, facebook, etc), difficult to fetch and set images for the items in the reminders list, difficulty in writing the algorithm to parse the data and look for the keyword (hashtag) in the application, optimized the way messages are read and intercepted by Shuffle, swipe the items in the list to the right and the reminder should be removed from the list of reminder, expanded list items that allows the user with a variety of options. .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Unique idea (apps where you can set reminders for other people not yet found on google playstore), IOS has an application fantastical 2 but does not take reminders from whatsapp. The simple and materialistic User Interface has a nice and fluid flow and is up to date with Android Lollipop 5.0,

What I learned - How to intercept messages from social network frameworks, material design (swipe to dismiss, back panel, floating action bar, animation for list items, sliding panel, toggle switch), notification listener service, backend, sqlite integration.

What's next for Shuffle - Android play store. Shuffle is going to change the way people save reminders, notifications, events etc. The power of all social network frameworks in one, Shuffle has it all, takes reminders from all social network frameworks and categorizes the important reminders and reminders from important people.

Built With

  • android
  • color-swatches
  • date-picker-library
  • design-mottos-ui-kit
  • expanded-list-item
  • floating-action-bar-menu
  • java
  • material-design
  • notification-listener-service
  • psd-kit
  • sliding-panel-library
  • social-network-frameworks
  • sqlite
  • swipe-menu
  • swipe-to-dismiss-library
  • switch-button-library
  • text-drawable-library
  • xml
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