Do you think the furniture you bought last month is made from a legal source of wood?

Illegal logging of wood accounts for 50-90% of all forestry activities.

Highly lucrative- between $30 Billion and $100 Billion USD

Why does it matter?

Affects the environment- Deforestation

Affects the country’s economy- Taxes

What it does

  1. Ensures logging of wood is transparent.

  2. Eradicates the intrusion illegally logged woods to the government authorized markets.

  3. Prevents deforestation.

4.Saves the environment and wildlife

How we built it

By building a decentralized network, we can create smart contracts to keep track of different stages of wood processing- from supplier to end user.

A smart contract is initiated when a supplier provides his raw materials to the manufacturer. Supplier adds his/her updates to the contract.

The manufacturer updates the information on the smart contract on how he/she used the raw material received and information about the distributors.

The distributors update the smart contract with the information about the customer he/she is selling to. Contract ends.

We used solidity to make these smart contracts, Remix IDE to deploy and access it in Ropsten.

Challenges we ran into

Communication between UI and smart contract involved some work, which was resolved using web3.js and INFURA.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement a mechanism to build these smart contract and host in a decentralized network. We are proud of the fact that through the concept of Blockchain technology, we were able to attempt to solve a social problem that impacts people and society in a positive way.

What's next for Shu

-We can apply this architecture in the Leather industry, to prevent illegal poaching of crocodile and other animals. -We can also implement this to monitor critically endangered species.

Built With

  • testrpc
  • truffle
  • ethereum
  • solidity
  • ropsten
  • infura
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