By Eric Li, Andrew Lee, and Samantha Ngo StuyHacks2018


NYC Mayor Bill Di Blasio recently proposed to get rid of the Specialized High School Admissions Test(SHSAT), blaming it as the source of the lack of diversity in specialized high schools. However, many publications and people disagree, pointing instead to the lack of affordable SHSAT resources available to low-income minority students. We agree that this might be the best solution to the diversity issue in specialized high schools. As Asian-Americans from Stuyvesant High School, a Asian-majority specialized high school, we too want to solve the issue of diversity in our own school. Our team has decided to take the first steps in trying to combat and solve this issue by creating this website, SHSATeas.

How It Works

Every user starts by taking a survey when they first register for their account. Through this, we aim to compile this data to gather statistics on the SHSAT and SHSAT Prep, hopefully publishing it for users when we have enough data. Users are provided three features: a suggested timeline, aggregated resources and calendar, and a forum. The user will be able to access these features via the navbar on every page. Our target audiences are parents that are ill-informed about the SHSAT and how to prepare their child for it. The timeline would act as a guide and a progress tracker. The resources will help bring light to resources available to them, and the forum will allow them to communicate with other parents and consider what is best for their child.

Users can also browse for events through the use of the EventBrite API, which they can later add to their calender. Users can also check for resources through a table from PassNYC.

Launch Instructions

Make sure you have Flask installed and an EventBrite API key in the main directory.
Go to your terminal and simply run $ python

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