Some of us were inspired by game development I saw last year at Technica and we wanted to do better than last year. We were brainstorming ideas that would satisfy the reward criteria for the game design contest, and settled on a student debt simulator.

What it does

It's a game where you live as a mushroom and try to live a balanced life between health and financial stability. You have to plan out your meal plans, time spent in school, time spent at work, housing plans, and make other decisions to keep yourself healthy and away from heavy debt out of a 2-year college. Endings are based off of how much debt you acquired during the six semesters.

How we built it

Game building was done in Godot, Sprite and background artwork done in Clipstudio and FireAlpaca.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge we ran into was running out of time. We also could only have one person working in Godot at a time, so it was restricting on our time usage.We often found ourselves distracted with the workshops, but we returned to finish off the project afterwards. The Wifi downstairs was relatively weak, and we often had connection problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working very late at night, past 2 AM working on sprites and programming.We were able to communicate and reach agreements very easily, we never had any group conflict with decisions and brainstorming.

What we learned

We learned that we should use the best of our abilities and work using the resources we are the most familiar with in time-restrictive situations. Also, I found out not to stay up too late, sleep deprivation is REAL.

What's next for Shroom Life

More NPCs, more choices and player pathways, more hidden endings, perhaps a romance option?

Built With

  • clipstudio
  • godot
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