We were inspired by the SnapKit and wanted to incorporate it into our app, but due to setbacks, we were unable to use it.

What it does

It allows shrimp farmers to connect with each other and learn about each other's strategies for preventing and treating white spot syndrome virus, early mortality syndrome, and other shrimp related problems. The app includes a map of shrimp farmers in the app and contact info for each farm. There is also a photo sharing option to provide examples of the visible signs that sick and healthy shrimp each show.

How we built it

We used MIT App Inventor 2 to model our ideas for ShrimpSnap. App Inventor uses code blocks that the programmer drags and drops into place to give functionality to the app. We started by brainstorming what kinds of screens we would need for the app and then formatted the components on the screen. Lastly we programmed the transitions between screens and created a logo for ShrimpSnap.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to run Android Studio which was the program we wanted to learn to use but were unable to due to various reasons including slow downloads, and our inexperience. The WiFi also gave us some trouble on App Inventor when we tried to emulate the app on a smartphone. This was a challenge because we were not able to test our app along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how well our logo turned out and how much of an app we were able to create with little previous experience. We worked on other personal projects (Cribbage) in addition to our app. These projects made good progress and were a challenge to our programming skills in Java and C. Our team is very proud of completing our first hackathon and coming up with a productive solution.

What we learned

App development is more difficult than we thought. We learned about problem solving, the structure of an app and the different screens needed to make it functional. We also learned quite a bit about the circulatory system of shrimp during our initial research.

What's next for ShrimpSnap

We would want to become more familiar with Android Studio in order to increase the functionality of our app. We would find storage solutions to gather data as to the farmer's location, pictures, and comments on the status of their shrimp.

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