There isn’t many Shrek themed discord bots around and the ones that are tier don’t work or are rubbish

What it does

sends memes from the r/shrekmemes sub reddit, sends a random quote from Shrek, sends a Shrek dancing gif, a coin command, a 8ball command and a dice command

How I built it

Using nodejs and the discord api

Challenges I ran into

getting the memes command to work it still has some issue but its being fixed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

making a bot that is fun to use in discord servers

What I learned

the discord.js api, how discord / discord bots work and nodejs / js

What's next for shrek bot

The ability to set custom server prefixes and a lot more fun commands

Im not affiliated with Disney all rights of Shrek go to them

Built With

  • discord.js
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