Traditionally only the workers who could afford to get some training were able to get jobs whereas the illiterate and the ones who can’t afford these paid training are left with no other option than to just do low-level jobs. These jobs have low salaries and lack of knowledge deprives them of what they deserve.

What it does

This application provides a fascinating environment using the “AUGMENTED REALITY” technology which contains various features such as : 1) AR-Portal: Passing through a 3D gate augmented onto the real world which will take you to an immersive world which shows the inside view of an industry so as to provide an industrial environment while you are roaming around your house. This portal provides the best alternative to the real-life industrial visit 2) Equipments-Viewer: This part of the application will display various equipment used in industries, along with the 3D scalable view of the separate parts of the machinery. By this feature, users will be able to know how a machine looks and operates and they will be well aware of its parts. 3) Mobile-View: At last, we built an application so that users can learn about particular machines which they’ll have to operate and their parts and their complete terminology while the sit perfectly safe in their homes during this tough time. We want to provide a better platform of learning than the one workers use nowadays which is by trial and error, we hope to make the industry workers more aware of their surroundings and increase their productivity.

How we built it

It built using UNITY software integrated with AR-Core and Vuforia

Challenges we ran into

We faced some issues in getting perfect models and to apply proper animations to its parts when it gets separated out because it is time-consuming and requires a bit of patience. In AR-Portal, the coding part was a bit ticklish due to the video loop in a 360-degree environment but we managed that by referring to online documentations and stack-overflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is good to know that we have the technology to help our society and enhance their living in a better way. We are happy that we have created all the features that we wanted to make during the competition.

What we learned

We came to know that all students have solution in their hands which can enhance the living of current society. Bonding and working made us set a common goal. Came to know the wide variety of things one can do in the field of AR/VR.

What's next for SHRAMIK

We are currently working on Integrating it with AWS API for fast rendering of Tool and Machinery. Also working on making our App light weight so that it can be used and accessed by any person at any time.

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