It is a known fact that happier people stay longer in a company, but most companies don't know sure whether their employees are happy. Many times there are people struggling for help, but nobody in a large organization is able to see that.

HR departments can't keep track on every single employee. So, they rely on a layer of managers that may to help keep the team happy, but most of the time that is not enough.

In the agile world, there is this thing called scrum, where everybody in the team tells the rest what they have done, what they are doing and whether they have any impediment. The basic idea is that each individual in the team learns where everybody is with their tasks, and adjust their own accordingly. What if we could also add a happiness factor that can be tracked?

What it does

Dayscore is a simple chatbot (for now) to make shiny happy people. By motivating the team members to keep an updated happiness score level, managers can cross-match the up and downs in the team mood with other factors that will help him/her understand the team better and drive it to success.


  • The dayscore may go up after a successful presentation to the client,
  • or it may go down after a long meeting, etc.

Not only that: by allowing comments along the score, other people within the same room can jump in to help (or be helped).


  • A low dayscore because I am feeling sick. Some teammate may offer his/her help and cover for me that day,
  • or a high dayscore because I finished a serverless deployment script for the team APIs and feel accomplished. Someone that is struggling to do a deployment for the backend may want to learn how I did it.

By communicating happiness through this simple mechanism, teams will be able to help each other and eliminate "shyness" from isolation (e.g. newcomers, contractors, remote workers) and motivate managers to do better, so they can keep the score up ;)

How I built it

I took the hipchat+nodejs tutorial and the NPS add-ons as starting points, and take it from there, adding MongoDB as the main database for Dayscore.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first hipchat add-on and it was challenging but rewarding. Sadly, I spent most of the time configuring the environment (thanks to Windows 10). I was looking into doing things serverless at the beginning but ran out of time, publishing the add-on in Heroku instead of a Lambda like I originally planned. Perhaps version II :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a chatbot is simple but hard. Understanding how people will use your application is intriguing. This is real UX. I'm not a UX expert, but am pretty pleased with the results.

What I learned

If I win the prize, I should get a mac. Or find a laptop where linux can run with no issues. Also, no offense, but there aren't many tutorials around hipchat chatbots. Maybe I should write one ;)

What's next for Dayscore (Shiny Happy People)

This release is pretty basic. I would like to learn more about how people use Dayscore, and whether or not it adds value to their day to day. With that knowledge, I'll be able to polish the list of intents for dayscore. I would also want to add filters and graphical reports (maybe as a sidebar option?) where teams can see how their dayscore fluctuated over time.

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