Showy lets you play your presentation on the device of everyone in your audience. It runs completely in the browser, allowing it to be completely cross-platform. Sign up at to create and show your presentations, or try out the demo.

How it works

  1. Create or import presentation: Import your existing Google Drive presentations, or create a new one from scratch using the showy editor. Updates made to your showies are saved online and can be accessed anywhere through the web.

  2. Share link with your audience: Each showy you create will be given a URL in the form of, which you can choose yourself. Give this link to your audience to let them view your Showy through their phone, computer, or tablet.

  3. Control your presentation: Simply go to to open up the host page for your Showy. Clicking the next button will allow you to advance the slide, and poll results and questions will be available here for you to view.

Showy in Action

  • Conference Calls: Showy allows you to show your presentation during a conference call when using a projector is not an option, and the control page for your Showy keeps the presentation smoother than sending everyone a PowerPoint file. It is a convenient, lightweight, and free alternative to the other costly solutions on the market.

  • Large Audiences: Showy gives everyone a front row view of your presentation, and allows them to see it on their own personal device. Features like polls and questions are integrated, allowing close interaction and two way dialog between audience members and the presenter with maximum efficiency.

  • On the Go: Showy allows you to present your ideas anywhere, at any time. Ditch the projector. Simply pull up your showy presentation on the smartphones or mobile devices of your audience to let them see your slides on any screen they are carrying. No download is required, making it quick and easy for everyone.

What's next for Showy

  • Poll your audience
  • Push files to your audience members
  • Collaborate on Showies with your co-presenters
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