The greatest power to a business is when they know what their customer wants. Studying successful e-commerce companies, we believe the showroom should have a bridge between the physical and digital assets 360 Agency and the Dealers provide.

What it does

Built with advanced, working Web Frameworks, Algorithms, and a Functional Dealer Mobile App., the customer browses as normal, but we provide them with adaptive recommendations. They figure out what they like and we figure out how to serve them best.

How I built it

React, Python, Java, and A LOT OF HARD WORK.

Challenges I ran into

Data Visualization, Android HTTP Integration, LiveFeeds

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working product that is proven to provide value to online companies. We believe we can truly accelerate 360 Agency.

What I learned

Hard work, communication, and python mappers.

What's next for Showroom IQ

Integrating adaptive recommendations into Showroom 3.0, as well as our mobile app with 360 Desking software

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posted an update

I worked on the backend of Showroom IQ using Python with Flask. I developed a fully functional REST API in less than 12 hours. In this project, I used tools including Redis, MySQL, sklearn, pandas etc...

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