An opportunity to work on a various brand new platforms.

What it does

The application on Echo uses TicketMaster APIs to find the events in the city with the details and with consent of the user, it also books an Uber for the user through Uber APIs.

How I built it

The application uses Alexa Skillset to train the Echo and convert the text to speech and vice-versa. The backend service that creates the functionality is hosted using Amazon Lambda. The Lambda function inturn communicates with a python web service hosted on a Azure instance to generate authentication credentials that allow the Echo to book an Uber on the user's behalf.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding various new technologies like Amazon Lambda service, Alex Skillset, Azure and integration among them. To generate the authentication tokens using OAuth in Java for Uber provider.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing the authentication module for the Uber API. Integrating with Azure to host a web service over SSL.

What I learned

Various technologies like Lambda Service, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure. The team effort and the working in parallel by sharing the work to maximize the throughput.

What's next for ShowFinder

Being able to set a reminder using Alexa to Book a Uber.

Built With

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