Inspiration The lightbulb in my head really lit up when I read this article about water usage and how we in this lifetime may run out of clean water. I felt confident in not being a sinner, because I always turned off water when done, while I was brushing my teeth. The article also explained how filling up a bath tub was wasting an enormous amount of water, Hah! I don't even have a bath tub but then the article continued to describe how a 10min shower was using just as much water as filling up a whole bath tub! All of a sudden, I got nervous, I knew I loved hot showers but surely they weren't lasting that long but the truth would shock me when I first started timing it.

Now I want to inform others who have no idea of how much water they are actually using while showering.

What it does It keeps track of the time you spend showering to increase awareness. It measures the water temperature to guide you, too hot water dries out your skin.

How I built it First... I googled, I googled and googled. I found a water switch on Alibaba that would allow me to notify my Arduino 101 when the shower has started. I then connected more sensors from the Grove box and a display to make it more user friendly. Finally, I made use of the new Bluetooth BLE standard for browsers, connecting my Chrome browser to the Arduino 101 in realtime without any apps.

Challenges I ran into Trying not to electrocute myself and making sure that the whole setup didn't blow up as soon as I turned on the water!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Connecting my board and seeing it start the timer, without anything exploding and me still having a working computer to finish this submission.

What I learned When you program against hardware and small devices that can't prompt with a "Exception Error! On line 17" you really need to diagnose systematically. The problem can be anywhere.

What's next for ShowerLessWater Perhaps Kickstarter


  • Shower timer
  • Measuring water temperature and bathroom.
  • Stop and continue shower timer
  • Alert on intervals to remind you how much time you've showered

Built With

  • arduino
  • arduino-101
  • c
  • genuio-101
  • web-bluetooth
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