You wake up nice and toasty underneath your sheets on a chilly morning. Getting out of bed would require you to trek across cold room to wait 5 min for your shower to warm up. If only you could heat up your shower from your bed.

What it does

It interfaces with the shower cartridge inside the valve in the wall. The cartridge will rotate that based off of an android application interface thus turning on or off the shower. The shower handle would be removed.

How we built it

we used android, adafruit motor shield with stepper motors along with Arduino. We 3-D printed a piece to interface with the cartridge

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

finishing the project

What we learned

Stepper motors can be a pain, don't fry your Arduino, Bluetooth LE is different from normal Bluetooth

What's next for showerduino

waterproofing, full battery power, in wall installation

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