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What it does

  • Mic picks up sound from surrounding - Uses Shazam API and gets the sound name and genre
  • Outputs the songs name and genre on Raspberry Pi
  • Phillips Hue sets color based on the genre
  • Phillips Hue adjusts intensity based on the sounds from surroundings ## How we built it Node.js for backend. HTML & CSS with JS for frontend, running on a Raspberry Pi.

Bash scripts & Python for getting information from the Mic

Ethernet Bridge between Laptop and Phillips Hue Bridge using a Mobile Hotspot (Vodaphone Ftw). Zigbee used to communicate from the Hue Bridge to the Phillips Hue Light Bulb

API's used

Shazam API - used to recognize a song (artist, songname & genre) from the mic
LastFM API - generating a list of genres, used in a MYSQL database on the Raspberry Pi (table values were {genre, red, green blue})

Challenges we ran into

  • No Hardware :(
  • Getting a network connection for the Phillips Hue
  • One of us overslept (Lol)
  • Planning how to get it done
  • Forgot the password to the MYSQL database on the Raspberry Pi
  • amoung other various bugs :) ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • A working demo
  • Good teamwork
  • Happy that everything fitted together
  • Managed to fit our skill sets together (somehow :P) ## What we learned Javascript is a mess and always will be. How to use Bash, electronics. Importance of APIs and how majorly important software architecture. ## What's next for showambi Considering sound effects as well (from a movie on a TV, from the environment...etc) and influencing the lights based on those new factors.
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