We were motivated to build Showagram after going through the arduous process of hopping between numerous applications to suit our daily entertainment demands and entering our card details on each platform for transactions, which made us more vulnerable to phishing activities.

❓What it does❓

It helps to provide a web front where we can book movie/event tickets from the comfort of our own homes, as well as a feature to share posts/stories for bloggers and broaden their reach, in addition to being an all-in-one app it also offers all transactions, wallets, and checkouts integrated on the Raypd platform.

🏗️How we built it🏗️

We created the minimalistic frontend with Angular, MaterialUI, and CSS, and then integrated it with the Rapyd platform for all transactions.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

We began working 4 days before the deadline, and it became difficult to organize the team and come up with a solution in such a short period of time.We have a time zone difference which made it hard to work in teams. But we overcame it and have a blast while making a fun website together. It was a great team to work with! The best part about the team was since each and evreyone on the team had a different skillset each and everyone contributed equally.


We are delighted to have devised a solution that will greatly assist in resolving the issue of switching between programs and travelling from one page to another in order to complete work.

📚🙋‍♂️What we learned📚🙋‍♂️

We learned a lot about the Raypd platform and what it has to offer, and we are excited to use its APIs in our future projects. We also learnt how to Use Postman to Create Rapyd Technology and work with Rapyd Checkout toolkit which was fun to integrate.

💭What's next for Showagram💭

We are looking forward to creating a full-fledged production-ready website and a mobile application to caters to various people and reach a larger audience. We would also like to work upon making the UI better with better page desgins

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