Ever got invited to a party but was afraid to go because you don't have the moves. We've been in this position before and that's why we created Show Off. Now no one has to suffer the awkwardness that is only knowing how to pump your first in the air. Show Off was created to get the party pumping and the crowd jumping.

What it does

You'll be prepared to hit any dance floor with Show off. This app does what no other dance tutorial is doing. It allows users to move at their own pace learning dance move. This is accomplished by slowing down the video and breaking it up into step-by-step sections.

How we built it

We built this app using Android-studio. Android-studio provides us a huge collection of elements and native mobile functions to develop an application faster and more easily. The most interesting part of our application is that leverages Google API. Without this API, achieving this goal would consume so much time.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was a lack of time to really build this project. We also had a team member new to using git, that ran into a lot of trouble with pulling and pushing in the right directory. Some of use had to refamiliarize ourselves with Android-studio, while others were just learning. This caused us to lose more time because we had to learn how to complete certain task with tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we saw this project through to the end. All the things we were able to accomplish by dividing the work and assigning tasks to every member in areas they were skilled in.

What we learned

Some of us learned to use git command in terminal. Most importantly we learned how to effectively use Android-studio to do recyclerviews, add videos and sound, and create a working app.

What's next for Show Off

In the future we hope to incorporate motion tracking so users can get feedback on their performance of each dance step.

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