The other day, I walked to our local CVS with the intent to buy some toothpaste. My total came out to be $4.67, yet I was greeted with a receipt that matched me in height. There was no way I was keeping that receipt, but then I thought about all the other CVS receipts or receipts in general that were just thrown away as soon as they were printed. They were probably littered throughout our environment, spreading BPA or BPS everywhere and damaging the world we live in today. That also was probably my fault, because as an individual who grew up surrounded by advancing technology, paper receipts were useless to me so I often discard of them quickly -- damaging my chances of smooth returns, fiscal tracking, and also, further damaging the planet. Our goal was to make a sustainable, financial hack for receipt tracking in the digital age that centralized consumer receipts and coupons in one friendly, easy-to-use website. We wanted to take financial responsibility for ourselves without creating a hazardous paper trail.

What it does

Using our mobile-app interface, users will scan a QR code available at stores/restaurants. This QR code will add the receipt entry into a database that would be unique to each user. Users can then log-on to their own personalized website to track their spending habits. This information would also be available on the mobile-app.

How we built it

Our mobile-app interface and updating database are hosted using Google Cloud Platform, which was done through Swift, JavaScript, and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the ins and outs of the Google Cloud Platform was really difficult. We used Firebase to host our database, and a lot of software had to be downloaded, a lot of coded in foreign programming languages had to be written, and a lot of tears had to be shed. All in all, it was a worth-it process because it was really awesome to see our mobile-app correlate with updates to our database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything. This project was something that we were all really passionate about. We want to reduce waste. We want to make a difference, and we want to do it through code.

What we learned

There were a lot of pivots that had to be made, but we learned how to quickly come back so we wouldn't lose any time.

What's next for show me the receipts!

The world.

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