From the recent events leading to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that this crisis could have been contained at an early stage if Doctor Li Wenliang's( warning was taken seriously instead of being dismissed by local authorities.In hindsight, we realize that timely intervention and preventive measures could have halted the rapid spread of covid-19 globally! The inspiration for our idea comes from the old adage -"Prevention is better than Cure!"

What does our app do

Our app/portal will give a "shout-out" platform for voices like that of Dr. Li, so that the concerns & warnings of "whistleblowers" can be automatically relayed out to their intended audience at all levels, which could include leading epidemioligsts, experts and medical/business/govt bodies of respective countries.

Why we believe in this idea

Our project/vision can help in saving innumerable lives and avert a global crisis like the one caused due to the Covid-19 virus. This platform would not be confined to healthcare related risks, but it can also become a platform to relay insights around various types of risks to experts across diverse fields(e.g. law enforcement, healthcare, business, education etc.), so as to raise an alarm at the right time to the right people across different disciplines and institutions. Those authorities who subscribe to these insights, will be able to search, analyze and visualise the credibility of sources and impact of the risks, and act swiftly and prevent a potential disaster from occurring , spreading and threatening economies,civilization and humanity.

What's next for shoutout-wall

Our app/portal can also be extended to help in community recognition of front line staff/ care givers dealing with the Pandemic. It will provide a platform for recovered positive cases to leave appreciation/ gratitude messages and rate the front line staff/ care givers. The app could also be integrated with e-commerce websites like amazon, flipkart, etc for people to share gifts as tokens of appreciation (optionally) for the front line staff/care givers.

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