Modern social applications are amazing. You can talk to anyone, anywhere, instantly. But, there is always a disconnection between technology and communication that no one has been able to fill. Modern social apps still feel too disconnected. If you want to talk to people nearby using social media, you have to have them in your friends list on facebook, follow them on twitter, have their phone number, etc. There should be a way to let those around you know about important information that could directly effect them. That is what ShoutOut! is trying to do. If you just found a wallet that obviously had been dropped within the last few minutes you could create a Shout. If you and that person had our app they could have their wallet in no time. Say there is some free food on campus. You can Shout and let anyone around you know about the awesomeness that is free food. ShoutOut! helps bring us closer to a more social society that can communicate faster than ever. I have always thought that there was something missing with communication and I knew that technology was the key to fixing that. Our target audience is everyone. There is no reason not to have ShoutOut! I am really proud of how far we have come since none of us have created an Android app. We hardly had any experience with Java. ShoutOut! isn't complete obviously, but having the Google Map API figured out and working correctly, as well as our Azure database correctly storing shouts, have been big milestones.

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