Shout is aimed primarily as a travel help app aimed to find places easily . You could be navigating to a place which may not be tagged in Google maps , it could be a new park , a new office or a landmark that's only known to locals of the place . It could be a small shop that sells vintage collections . So what do you do ? When you are at a new place you open shout and send e message asking anyone for any help , be it regarding directions to a certain place , be it suggestions about what's special in that place , and nothing helps you know better than connecting to people who stay at that place who know their locality better than anyone else . What's more you also get to see prominent landmarks including malls , hospitals , churches and all using the explore option giving access to their location info and wiki page through the app .

What it does

When a user asks for help through the shout button for some emergency or tries to communicate using the messaging option his queries are sent to all users that are currently at that area ( for now notifications are sent to all users in who belong to the same sub admin area, however with increase in number of users this can be reduced to users currently at that locality ) . If anyone who gets the message who can help or guide the user who requested for the same can reply to him after seeing where the user is exactly located by clicking on his name .

How I built it

Trnql location service is used to save location on parse , messages are sent to respective users and are notified using the parse push service .

Challenges I ran into

Showing nearby landmarks , their wiki page and location to users . The data was there in trnql weather entry , however the field was private and took some time to figure out to use java reflection and access the datatypes and make them available for app users

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A simple , user - friendly UI app for users , familiar messaging interface and notification support for timely help and guidance

What I learned

Trnql , Parse

What's next for Shout

App has been released on Play Store , after developing a user base need to tweak location based messaging radius to people using the app belonging to the same locality instead of people sharing a same sub admin area , and make changes and improvements based on user reviews

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