My teammate and I move to new neighborhoods almost every year. And finding a good quiet place is very hard to find. We needed something like this. A website where we can unleash our anger about the place we are currently living in and make sure that the next place we move into is not the same or worse.

What it does

allow people to post comments about their neighborhood and look up information about other neighborhood before moving

How we built it

We used Angular and JavaScript for the Front-end, we hosted the Database on Google Cloud Platform and PHPmySQL. Also, we used the Google Maps APIs on From the Google Cloud Platform to show places around neighborhoods and search addresses. for the Back-end, we used Java, Maven, Java Servlets and JSPs.

Challenges we ran into

couldn't access the database. didn't know how to use the Google Cloud Platform and discovered that Google Maps don't work well with Angular

Accomplishments that we're proud of

everything we used was new to us. Angular, Maven, Google APIs, and GCP. it took a long time watching hundreds of YouTube videos to get everything working together.

What we learned

Maven is HARD! but possible. if the databases on Google Cloud Platform didn't work, use PHPmySQL :)

What's next for Should I Live Here?

make the Front-end Prettier and expand the database.

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