How we save you time

It's nearly summer. You're saving for That Big Family Holiday. In times of political uncertainty, you want to make sure you don't lost out to the harsh and mysterious fluctuations of the foreign exchange market.

Making the most of TransferWise's Borderless Account features, we split your transfer into small transactions and execute them at optimal times during your desired transfer window.

This saves you from the wasted time and worry of repetitively checking exchange rates - just tell us how much to transfer, and by when!



  1. We poll updates to exchange rates every minute using the TransferWise API.
  2. Our algorithm analyses the general trend of the rate (is it going up or down?) using a predictive linear regression model.
  3. We apply a heuristic function to work out how much to sell now, and how much to hold on to for selling later. This algorithm considers how much time we have left to transfer the currency, whether the rate is likely to go up or down, how stable the rate is, etc. in order to sell when the rate is at a peak.
  4. Following the Dollar Cost Average policy, we mitigate risk by executing transactions at a range of times during the interval.

Value to customers

  • Don't lose out transferring money for a holiday in advance!
  • Forget about the stress of having to follow the news and exchange rates - we handle it all for you, automagically!
  • Leave behind the anxiety of "could I have got a better deal?"
  • Useful for many demographics of customers, such as freelancers working abroad, ex-pats, frequent travellers and anyone else who wants to make their money work for them.
  • Who knows, you might even make your first ever dollar of Forex trading profit ;)

Ease of use

Our slick, minimal interface lets you choose the time-frame, currencies and amount - leave the rest to us. Sit back, relax, and watch our automated transfers on an easy-to-understand, live graph so you always know where your money is.

Scalability and the future

Foreign exchange markets are complicated, and there are a lot of potential additions that can make Should I Hold or Should I Sell Now? smarter, faster in the future.

  • Our multi-server architecture and modularised components make it easy to scale the design to bigger user bases.
  • We experimented with TenserFlow to make predictions about more complex market patterns, achieving above-average accuracy with processing inter-market correlation on a global scale.
  • We've developed an API to provide access to our analysis, allowing other applications (such as the TransferWise app) to make use of our functionality.

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