Why name Shotgun? “Shotgun rider” (the person they want most riding shotgun in their car. No matter what life throws at them or the amount of time spent apart, they can pick right back up where they left off). Idea behind SHOTGUN: One App solution for Driver safety, car-pooling, and maintenance help based on weather status, requests posted by ride-requestors and nearby garage for mechanic help. Features:

  1. NFC tag interface to start the app and put the phone on Driving mode.
  2. Initial car essential test (prompted to the user) if there is any issue the app redirects to a nearby garage.
  3. Car-Pool option available to requestors of the service by the drivers on their intent.
  4. Requests are filtered based on the source and destination of the Driver and the car-pool requestor (too far or obsolete requests are ignored)
  5. The App enables safety measure ensured to the user by prompting the future weather conditions of the destination and BE PREPARED!

Tools Used: Pycharm, MongoChef, Putty, Postman, WinSCP, Android Studio,AmazonAWS API’S: Google Maps, google places Language: Python, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB

Future enhancements:

  1. Shared fare on carpool (include card details)
  2. Messaging interface for people requesting and people offering carpool services
  3. Provide 2-hour alert on continuous driving along with nearby gas station pit stop.
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