Inspiration: Well, as much as we LOVE listening to music while driving, sometimes it can be distracting, especially during high traffic times or when there is a crash on the route.

What it does: It will essentially pause or lower of volume of the music when it encounters a high pressure situation as per google maps, like a crash, a busy intersection or a gridlock nightmare. In such situations, the driver needs to concentrate. The shotgun stops talking and even pauses the music when he sees such a situation but what happens when the driver is alone, or with kids sitting on the back seat? The player will give him the quiet he needs to navigate and get to a safe spot on the road. Then the driver can play all the music he wants, again!

How we built it: We used Android Studio as the IDE. We used it to configure our packages and the build systems (Gradle).

Challenges we ran into: two members had never used Android before and one was rusty on the details. UI was a nightmare, but we got it right. Google map integration and making media sync into the player was hard. For google maps, converting latitude-longitude into distance is still under works. But we got it right. Almost!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are first time android developers and everyone had a little accomplishment in the role they had. I am SO PROUD of my UI! Harsha worked really hard for the media player and UI back-end integration (that one error!), and had a sigh of relief when it finally happened. Luize learned how to configure google maps API and made it work in less than12 hours. Major accomplishment? THE APP WORKS!

What we learned: Google APIs have really annoying certificate systems, but since a lot of documentation is available, overall, Android development is very interesting and we would continue working on it!

What's next for Shotgun Jam: A lot of plans! We will continue working on it and would like to create a fully functional app (this one is proof of concept, but works!), not just for driving but for walking and other activities as well, and launch it on the Google Play-store soon!

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