Nerf_guns and #Beer.

How it works

A Nerf (tm) first-person-reality shooter with handicaps for BAC and difficulty of shot with a moving target.

Challenges WE ran into

Significant power draw of gas sensor MQ3 exceeded available power from Arduino board. Communicating to two bluetooth devices simultaneously to synchronize gameplay. Coding at 5AM (we're hardware hackers)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hitting the target with the highest BAC reading of the entire hackathon. Completing a project in ~8 hours (we started designing when the beer came out at midnight)

What we learned

Come to #Disrupt with an idea for a project already formulated.

What's next for Shot for shot.

A compact, ergonomic, and waterproof housing will provide Shot for Shot with an incredible gameplay experience.

Built With

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