The purpose of this video submission is to effectively share with the public our efforts in turning high-school students into Cardano Stakepool Operators.

What it does

Over the duration of the WyoHackathon, we have pushed to further develop and hone the necessary skills to be professional SPOs (Stakepool Operators), and have given our best attempt at showcasing our progress and efforts in providing the home-grown talent necessary to help push Wyoming ahead when it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

What's next for Shoshoni Hackers Stakepool Project

Once students are effective Cardano SPOs (meaning they are running high-availability stakepools on the Cardano Testnet, visible in Daedalus and reliably minting blocks), we will proceed with porting Cardano as part of an internal network project in which we will: research and design our desired network parameters, develop incentives to be used internally within our school, create our new genesis block, get the Daedalus wallet working in our network, run our own SMASH server, get a reliable network up, with an initial token distribution and attempt to gain adoption within the school.


Wyoming has aggressively become the most blockchain friendly state in the US, making it an attractive destination for existing companies, LLCs, new businesses, and relocations for many in the budding blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. We anticipate a considerable talent-gap between the coming industry demands, and what local education will be able to provide. We believe we have identified a unique opportunity to rapidly close that gap and present enormous opportunity to rural high school students whom otherwise would not have known the opportunity existed.

The University of Wyoming is currently and will continue to be working hard at meeting industry demands in this space as well. We are hoping to amplify the Universities efforts by ensuring that students with intent to study computer science, blockchain, or running the University of Wyoming stakepool have the foundational skillsets necessary to propel them to successful endeavors and to assist in solving real world problems.

Franken-Shelley Tech Specs

  • 22 4GB Raspberry Pi 4s using POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • 2 NUCs
  • 3 small POE switches
  • Around 15 other nodes running with other means within the district
  • Under 350w continuous power for the 24 Franken-Shelley nodes

Here is the link to the twitter share out

Link to the full video on youtube

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