It was just Earth Day, the most important holiday of the year, so we wanted to celebrate by creating something that could help our planet

What it does

It helps learn about what objects you need to trash, recycle, compost, etc... ShortWormMemory is a fast paced game involving choosing the correct location for the waste after seeing it on the side bar. With echoes of tetris, llama or duck, and Clippy, this game is sure to be fun while casually helping educate players about which waste items go where.

How we built it

We built the project in Java, using processing for our front end stuff and java for the backend stuff for the application.

Challenges we ran into

We hadn't worked with GUI or images before in java, so we had a lot to look up. After many hours looking into Swings GUI implementation with JLabels, we ended up trying to switch to 2Dgraphics, but since we were getting crunched for time, we opted for a hopefully quicker method; using processing.

Due to this, we were able to get all of the back stuff tied together, but when it came to synthesizing the game engine, we couldn't get it to tie together well.

What we learned

We learned valuable lessons about which different libraries to use for different projects. We also learned how to properly structure a game in java better, if we choose to do that again in the future.

What's next for ShortWormMemory

Hopefully getting all of the images together and into a coherent game, and then after that trying to expand to include levels that involve composting, metal recycling, and even certain plastics.

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