Today's students, young professionals, teenagers... or anybody, really, is very interested in a vast amount of information, most of which is delivered online through mobile or PC. We consume a lot of information every day, yet most of the time we wish we had some of our time back. Money can be regained, and a broken heart will heal, but time goes to never come again. With the spirit of giving back to people their most valuable asset, we, Miguel and Ricardo, decided to build Shortweb.

Shortweb delivers the most important information from any webpage through in-page, crowdsourced, highlights. We do this both through a Google Chrome extension and a web application. Shortweb lets you read any article or piece of text information online at a fast pace. Also, it's not just about quantity, it's about quality. Because it is crowsourced, and not based on AI, you can be sure that your highlights will come from a community you belong to. Also, even if you are only interested in what the people close to you have to say we have plans to keep working on this post-hackathon and providing functionality like targeted highlights. (Think Facebook friend highlights or Tech Industry highlights).

Finally, Shortweb is a social platform, allowing users to easily share the information they spend so much time reading. This seamless play combined with the advantage of great summaries to maximize information absorption, Shortweb will be the best productivity and communication tool out there.

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